How to Rotate Inventory for Preventing it From Going Out Of Date?

rortate inventory

A huge loss for businesses with inventory is items going “out of date”. One way to avoid this problem is to rotate product often. When you stock new deliveries of product onto the sales floor, you don’t want to simply replace what was sold with your new product. Instead, you want to place the product with the latest out-of-date numbers in the back of your display.

If you continue to place new inventory in the front of the display, you’re eventually going to have a lot of product pass its expiration date, simply by sitting in a spot no customer is ever going to put their hands on it. The same thing goes for the back room. You want your newest product behind or under your oldest product in the supply room, so you place your oldest product on the sales floor first.

You might think this is a huge headache, to continually pull product from the back and place the new inventory behind it. If that’s too much of a problem, consider pulling all your old product to one side of the display, preferably the one that gets picked from the most often, and building the rest of the display with the new product. If you have inventory that moves pretty quickly, this system works well enough, too.

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