Ordering in Retail Inventory Management System

Get a retail inventory management system that supports ordering in place that allows for precise ordering of sales items. If the person ordering the inventory doesn’t work the items onto the sales floor himself or herself, have this person consult with the manager in charge of the sales floor before every order. This allows communication, so you don’t double-order items that aren’t moving quickly or selling well out on the floor.

One major problem with many backrooms is that stock begins to build up of products that aren’t selling. I’ve noticed that, when the person ordering inventory is the one moving product onto the floor, orders are more accurate and tend to involve what you actually need. If that isn’t the reality at your store, they have a system for tracking which items are selling well and need to be reordered. Over-ordering means your supply room is going to get overstocked, which makes inventory hard to keep track of.

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