What are Some Common Problems in Retail Inventory Management?


Things are never going to be perfect in retail inventory, but some retail inventory managers are better than others. The best retail inventory management requires attention to details and good communication. Even then, resupply isn’t always perfect.

For instance, when I was a warehouse manager, if the central warehouse that supplied us with the product was having a space crisis with an over-ordered product, we would sometimes get extra pallets of unwanted product, no matter what we put on our order. Someone else’s problem became ours, despite our loud complaints. Only seldom did those complaints result in the product being shipped back where it came from – it was our problem.

That’s going to happen to a retail manager sometimes, so you have to get used to it. What you can do to make those retail inventory problems more manageable, is to handle you own business. Keep a good track of your inventory needs, order exactly what you want, don’t let salesmen talk you into something you know you don’t want, and when someone else makes a mess for you, you’ll be able to handle it.

In other words, in retail inventory management, the more problems you solve, before they become problems, the better retail manager you’ll be.

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